Billy Graham’s burial arrangement his Family reveals

Family of late popular American preacher, Billy Graham, has announced the funeral arrangement of the preacher.

The family said the late renowned televangelist would be laid to rest on March 2, 2018 at 12 noon in a canvas tent set up near The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Spokesperson of the family, Mark DeMoss said Graham’s coffin will be moved from the funeral home in Asheville in the state to Charlotte this Saturday, February 24.

In a statement, DeMoss said, “On Monday and Tuesday, Graham will lie in repose at the Graham Family Homeplace from 8am to 10pm, when the public will be allowed to pay their respects.

“The funeral service will be private and will include family members, friends, and community leaders who were touched by Graham’s ministry with around 2,300 people in total attending the 90-minute service.

“Graham himself spoke regularly about death and approved the planning and details of his funeral arrangements years before his death and made sure the focus will not be on him, but on the gospel.

“His son, Franklin Graham, will give the eulogy, and his other children will speak briefly to honour their father.

“In 1949, Graham’s preaching first gained national prominence when he held a ‘crusade’ in downtown Los Angeles under a large white tent, also known as a ‘canvas cathedral’.

“He then went to impact the lives of millions through his powerful speaking and altar calls with thousands saying their lives were transformed by his preaching.

“His family and team members thought it would be fitting to also conduct his funeral service under a tent as a reminder of how his public ministry was launched.”

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